Stroll from Santa Maria on the back lanes and paths, climb Garalda 600M or Baigura 900M, or take the tractor train to the top and walk along the ridge to Biddarray and the river Nive, all without getting in a car. A short drive will take you to the GR10 transpyrenean route with several exhilarating stretches. Alternatively the GR65 to Compostela is gentler, or drive up to the forest of Irati and feel on top of the world. On the other side of Irati the gorges of Holzarte, Kakoeta and Ehujarre are inspiring. The peaks of Artzamendi, Mondarain, Ursuia, Hautsa and Iparla are nearby and quite easy. The Pics D'Orhy (2015m) and d'Anie (2507m) warrant an early start. All the major routes are well marked.

Spring and autumn are the ideal times for wild flowers, cooler weather and longer days however every month has its attractions. Southerly winds, fairly common through the winter give temperatures around 20°. We often climb Baigura on Xmas or New Years day in bright sunshine giving views over the whole Basque coast. The birds of prey (Gryphon vultures and Red Kites the most numerous) are majestic and the mountain horses (Pottok) and wild goats add extra interest.

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